Camera fill light technology

Nowadays, with the continuous advancement of surveillance cameras on the HD road, night-vision light-filling devices have begun to play an even more important role in monitoring applications. From infrared radiation to passive thermal devices, to today's increasingly popular white cameras. Today's light-filling equipment has also begun to improve to different characteristics.

However, for different fill light technologies, their respective characteristics are again concentrated in which direction? In practical applications, in which areas can these devices play their biggest role? Today, we come to chat with you about the features of the surveillance camera's fill light.

The most common fill light technology

Speaking of today's most commonly used night vision lighting technology, I am afraid that almost all of my friends will think of infrared ray technology. Indeed, in our application, infrared surveillance cameras are undoubtedly the most simple and most commonly used night vision equipment. Compared with other night-vision light-up devices, simple and concealed is its biggest application advantage. Therefore, today it has also gained favor in more fields.

However, with the increase in application requirements, infrared night vision surveillance has begun to show more in some aspects of filming than can be seen. First of all, high temperature can be said to be one of the aspects that such cameras have always troubled users. Due to the nature of the infrared light, the lifetime impact of the temperature on the lamp itself and some body parts has caused many users headaches. In addition, infrared cameras are also susceptible to distance or environmental changes during use. Therefore, the application of this type of video camera is also more suitable for indoor use or in environments where the monitoring range is relatively small.

The most reliable fill light technology

For infrared night vision monitoring technology, we can divide it into two major categories - active infrared detection technology and passive infrared detection technology. For the above-mentioned aspects, we call it active detection technology, and for the latter, we use the thermal sensation of objects to judge and monitor things themselves.

In our daily life applications, passive infrared monitoring is a rare application technology. Because it mainly uses some technical means of military technology. Therefore, its accuracy is undoubtedly one of the highest means in the existing night-vision detection technology. For such night-vision detection methods, the large monitoring range is another obvious advantage beyond its accuracy. However, due to the high cost of its own application, such equipment is also more used in forestry arson, or important areas such as monitoring and other important and open areas of monitoring.

The most authentic fill light technology

In recent years, the application of white light camera is undoubtedly a rising star of rapid progress. Compared to previous infrared monitoring equipment. The appearance of such products is undoubtedly the beginning of a new way of filling light.

In applications, the technology of supplementing light with natural light not only lights up the monitored space. At the same time, he is also able to display the colors of monitored objects in a more realistic way, which is undoubtedly a function that is expected by users with night vision HD monitoring needs. In addition to being able to truly reflect the situation in the scene, some of the details of the reaction to the night before the two kinds of fill light technology does not have.

However, due to the limitations of light hotspots, short surveillance distances and weak concealment are the biggest weaknesses of such surveillance cameras. In addition, if the person to be photographed is prepared, the white light can be easily reflected and it is difficult to pay attention to the details of the subject. Therefore, this kind of night vision camera is also more used in bayonet monitoring, road monitoring, or some small-scale monitoring needs such as the gate.

The above-mentioned three aspects are the three kinds of night-vision light-up technology that we currently apply most. However, with our higher requirements for monitoring clarity, fill light technology is important, but it plays a less important role in night-vision monitoring. Some post-processing technologies, such as post-processing, are increasingly becoming mainstream in current applications. Focus on the subject. Therefore, when we choose or use a surveillance camera, in addition to focusing on the necessary night vision fill light technology, some light processing technologies such as white balance or wide dynamics are also worth our special attention and research.

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