Electronic Crane Scale Maintenance Methods and Countermeasures

OCS maintenance methods and countermeasures 1. The electronic crane hanging in a stable level workbench, to avoid vibrations are generally electronic crane with a leveling device, the purpose is to make electronic crane can be completely converted to cargo pressure Weight, reducing unnecessary weight loss, and achieving accurate weighing. In daily use, many users neglected to check the horizontal state of the electronic hanging scale. This is the main reason for data inaccuracy. Check the status, it is best to check once a day.

2. In accordance with the environmental requirements of the electronic crane scale instructions. In the normal use process, to avoid airflow interference and direct sunlight, the environmental conditions are also an important factor influencing the measurement performance of the electronic crane scale. If there is no special specified in the instruction manual of the electronic crane scale The temperature limit, then the electronic crane scale is best to work under -10 °C -40 °C temperature conditions.

3. The electronic crane scale is often calibrated to ensure that it is in the best condition. Due to environmental conditions, artificial movements and other factors, the measurement performance often changes slightly. The electronic crane scale is not calibrated for a long time. Weighing results will be very large error, which requires the user to regularly calibrate it in daily use. If conditions permit, users can use their own weight calibration, calibration weights, theoretically The higher the grade, the better, and it should be sent to the quality inspection department for regular inspection. If the conditions are not met, it can be sent to the local quality inspection department for help in calibration.

4. The electronic crane scale should not be overloaded. It is better to temporarily collect the electronic crane scale when it is not used for a long time.

The weight of the weighed articles shall not exceed the maximum range of the electronic crane scale, because the electronic crane scale exceeding its range will be damaged, which will affect its accuracy. Severe damage may also cause the entire electronic crane scale to be completely scrapped. This is for users. It is worth noting that at the same time, when the electronic crane scale is not working, heavy objects are not allowed to be placed on the load carrier. Under the conditions permitting, it is better to keep the electronic crane scale in storage so as not to make its components permanent. Deformation, loss of use value.

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