"Five kinds of traps" that agricultural production needs to evade

[China Agricultural Machinery Industry News] Individuals and organizations engaged in agriculture, if they want to find a way out of getting rich, agricultural operation planning is essential, followed by the operation of agricultural economic organizations - cooperative operations. Systematic study of agricultural policies - interpretation of agricultural policies, access to national policies - declaration of agricultural projects, good sales of agricultural products - docking of production and demand. In order to further expand the need for funds for reproduction - financial mutual assistance. And to avoid some traps.
"Five kinds of traps" that agricultural production needs to evade
If you are planning on industrial planning, you must circumvent several pitfalls:
First, take planning as planning. The chief architect of China's reform and opening up is Deng Xiaoping. His forward-looking vision points to the direction and strategic steps of China's modernization. Hu Yaobang is the chief engineer of reform and opening up, implementing strategy implementation and tactical planning, and the so-called experts who publicize and portray reform and opening up. Is the table of planning. Getting rich in agriculture means that you have to find the chief designer, be a good chief engineer, and choose a planner. Don't take planning as a plan, they say the icing on the cake. Don't spend money and deceive yourself.
The second is to take technology as a plan. Many directors, including grassroots leaders, invite agricultural technology experts to conduct industrial planning. They can only solve the problem of whether they can be planted locally, and the processing experts can only solve the problem of whether they can be processed normally. Whether they can sell or sell, they can afford it! What they care about is how his technology, seedlings and equipment are sold to you.
The third is to take the design as planning. Designers don't understand agriculture at all, and they don't pay much for their work in agriculture. Coupled with the small amount of money given by the agricultural plan, the design institute is basically a patchwork of four sets (similar to urban planning and real estate developers). A little conscience, a little more original design. Meaning: It can only be a design, not an operational plan for agriculture to get rich.
The fourth is to take product design as product planning: product design is to solve whether it can be planted, can not be cultured, can not be processed, product planning is to solve whether it can be sold, can not sell the price, can not fame and fortune! It is a product operation plan that integrates product design resources and customer resources to adapt to the market and create a market. The gap has gone so far, you must understand.
The fifth is to take ideas as planning. We have found that many people have seen the great prospects of agriculture and have come in blindly. Agriculture cannot be based solely on enthusiasm, on ideas alone, on land, or on relationships alone. It is a very complex and integrated operating system. In agriculture, an inefficient industry, systematic research is needed to achieve sustainable development. Finding a reasonable profit point for low-cost operation, combined with survival methods, short-term profitability, long-term profitability and rapid realization of several aspects of system demonstration and planning, can be invincible.
(Original title: The foundation of agricultural wealth - industrial planning)

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