Hall delivered a 630kW motor

Recently, Hall delivered a 630 kW motor, a custom-made, very powerful motor that was installed on a barge crane that was delivered to a Brazilian customer by E-Crane, Belgium. The crane transports grain and soybeans from a barge moored on the Amazon River to a Panamax cargo ship, and the motor made by Hall ensures that the crane can cope with this high load and fast pace.
Hall delivered a 630kW motor
It is reported that this crane is the largest barge-ship transfer application ever produced by E-Crane. The crane was installed on a 61-meter-long, 22-meter-wide barge that transferred the beans directly from the raw barge to the Panamax-type cargo ship, which was able to sail on the Panama Canal. With its 30 cubic meter grab, the crane can handle up to 22.5 tons in one duty cycle. At full load, it can handle 1,400 tons of soybeans in an hour. 'This means our customers can reduce the loading time of ocean-going vessels, thus reducing the costs associated with this loading operation,” explains Gauthier Vermeyen, Global Production and Operations Manager at E-Crane.
E-Crane's entire crane system uses Hall's motors, including main motors and small applications such as oil pumps and automatic lubrication systems. For E-Crane, a supplier must be selected that provides a guaranteed level of quality and can do everything possible to minimize the risk of service and failure. At the same time, the close cooperation between Hall and E-Crane ensures a high degree of flexibility and fast communication.
Around the world (from the cold Arctic Circle to the sultry Amazon River), hydraulic cranes made by E-Crane are working to dispose of scrap metal, carry grain, unload coal, or dredge from the sea floor. These jobs usually involve heavy loads, harsh conditions, and uninterrupted work.
Considering that all components have the necessary high level of quality and durability, E-Crane has chosen Hall as a fixed supplier of motors since 2012.
“We chose Hall as a supplier because they meet our expectations for service, quality and price. Over time, our long-term relationships will only become stronger and we will find our inquiry to be fast and correct. Response," Mr. Vermeyen said.

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