How to Solve the Analysis and Solution of Oil Pressure Surface of Pressure Calibrator

In the application of pressure calibrators, one of the primary requirements for their function is excellent sealing performance, and no oil leakage appearance can occur in each transmission channel. If oil seepage occurs, it cannot be used and it is necessary to repair it. Common oil leakage locations and general repair methods for pressure calibrators are presented for reference:
1. The connection of the pressure calibrator at the joints is poorly fastened, so the oil leakage should be tightened by tightening the nuts at the joints.
2. The pressure gauge is not tightened to meet the gasket in the joint, so the oil should be tightened again, or the gasket should be thickened to meet the top plane of the pressure gauge joint, for example, due to the pressure gauge. When the external joint threads are not well cooperated and oil seepage occurs, some of the external joints of the pressure gauge are damaged by the teeth, and the appropriate thread can be used for the joint, otherwise, several fine yarns can be wound on the outer joint of the pressure gauge. Or wrap the PTFE tape and tighten it.
3. The pressure calibrator is damaged due to aging of the sealing gasket between the adapters. Therefore, for oil leakage, some bxs should be disassembled and replaced with a new one.
4. The closed valve is not tightened, or there is a burr on the top of the ejector pin, so the oil leaks. If the above conditions exist, if the closed valve is invalidated further, the finish of the ejector pin should be repaired. The simple repair method, after polishing the sand with a fine cotton yarn, is wrapped in the top of the ejector pin, and the grinding and polishing are performed with constant changes, which can usually be corrected.
5. Oil leakage at the screw. Most of these conditions are the rubber seal cups worn on the top of the screw and should be replaced with new oil resistant rubber cups.

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