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Qi Xiaoming, Director and Deputy General Manager of Op Lighting: Appropriate technology and content is king. It is our true soul. Enterprises can use the technology of Internet of Things to create a future era that belongs to lighting. It is not simply summarized as lighting can only see shopping or Price war. At the just-concluded Guangya Forum, there must be some sounds worth discussing and speculating that have a profound impact on us. Today, Xiaobian will take a look at the readers’ comments on the lighting industry. Industry section Ou Pu Lighting Director and Deputy General Manager Qi Xiaoming: Appropriate technology, content is king, is our true soul, companies can use the technology of the Internet of Things to create a future era of lighting, not simply summarized as lighting can only see blood Fight or price war. Jiang Yushi, deputy chief engineer of Shanghai Sansi Electronic Engineering: Now that Huawei and ZTE have entered the industry of smart lighting, the wolf is coming, indicating that there is meat, which means that there is still room for economic growth in the industry. At the same time, this is also forcing us to move forward. Dr. Sun Jiaxin, Ph.D., Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology: Everyone is desperately trying to develop light and technology, but our demand for LED light is still very simple. As a practitioner, we must never forget the needs of consumers. To choose a pair of lights, the first is to determine whether you need a directional or vertical light source. The second is that consumers must know what they are using when they want to buy something. Jingyuan Optoelectronics Xu Jialiang: Different CSP LEDs are used differently and have different designs, but in the end they must meet customer needs, be bright and cheap, so companies need to consider how to design chips smaller and smaller to reduce cost. Zhang Yueqiang, director of research and development of Fujian Tiandian Optoelectronics: At present, the requirements for packaging are getting higher and higher, the packaging technology is continuously improved and improved, and how to improve the technology while ensuring the quality has become the focus of the enterprise. The most important of these is the requirements for the customer's use, and the product meets the customer's application. Bryan Douglas, Secretary General of the Global Lighting Association: Physical technology facilities, any platform can not match the ubiquitous characteristics of lighting, and thus can not match the huge potential that LED can bring to our commercial and industrial world, if we can use smart LED plus The industrial Internet connection of sensors, software, and scalable and upgraded cloud platforms can lay the foundation for our innovation. Design articles Mr. Gad Gilad, Professor of Architectural Lighting at Giladi: Urban lighting is closely related to the nightlife economy, crime rate, and energy efficiency. Because of this, safe, comfortable and intelligent lighting design is particularly important. Yu Xiankai, general manager and design director of Chongqing Hanrun Lighting Design Co., Ltd.: Good lighting design should be the perfect combination of light and shadow. Moderate lighting is also important. Excessive lighting may not only add icing on the cake, but also bring a Series of light pollution and balanced damage. Shen Wei, director of the Institute of Light Environment Research, Zhejiang Urban Construction Garden Design Institute: External landscape lighting should be in harmony with the shape of the building. It should not break the structure and style of the original design. At the same time, lighting should have a hidden concept that highlights the natural light. Lu Zhang, Chairman of Nanjing Keen Lighting Technology Co., Ltd.: The so-called pursuit of shock, tall and new dazzling is actually a pseudo-proposition, the details of the treatment will determine the success or failure of the overall effect of the beautiful night lighting of ancient buildings, the pursuit of too much, but the use of light is too casual and simple, It is easy to form a failure. Zheng Jianwei, chief designer of cultural storytelling (Beijing): When you come across a project, you first think about it from the shadow of art, then think about it from the shadow of technology, and finally think about it from the shadow of culture. When you finally make this project, The results obtained will make people like it, and it will make people uncertain.

According to the characteristics of molding, injection mold and thermoplastic plastic mold are divided into two types. According to the molding process, it can be divided into transfer mold, blow mold, casting mold, hot molding mold, hot pressing mold (compression mold), injection mold, etc. Among them, the hot pressing mold can be divided into three types, i.e., overflow, semi-overflow and non-overflow, and the injection mold can be divided into two types, i.e., cold runner mold and hot runner mold. It can be divided into two types: mobile type and fixed type.

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