Mine explosion-proof micro DC air compressor was born

Li Xuemei and other rotary cylinder structure design and application 4 working principle of rotary cylinder 2 working principle of rotary cylinder 2, the working process is described as follows 3, while the air is exhausted from the port, the piston and piston rod are retracted backwards, when the piston hits the cylinder When the right end of the body stops, the end of the piston rod is at the 3 o'clock position, and this state is the reset state.

Step, work. From the mouth of the mouth, the pressure is 18%, while the air is discharged from the port 8, and the piston rod and the piston extend forward. When the piston hits the front cover, it stops moving. At this time, the end of the piston rod is at the point position, and the distance between the ends is the stroke of the piston 3. This state is the working state of the rotary cylinder.

Repeat the first step in this cycle to rotate the cylinder and the piston with the piston rod to reciprocate.

5 Conclusion Through the analysis of the structure and working principle of the rotating cylinder, it can be understood that the rotary cylinder is also prominently structured on the basis of the ordinary cylinder, and it needs to be carefully assembled and debugged.

Lei Tianjue newly compiled hydraulic engineering manual. Beijing Institute of Technology Beijing, He Cunxing, Zhang Tiehua. Hydraulic drive and pneumatic drive. Wuhan Huazhong University of Science and Technology Press, 1999 Li Xuemei and so on. Flexible and light floating cylinders, several fluid transmission and control, y mine explosion-proof micro-DC air compressor was born in Shandong Province Coal Science Research Institute and Jinan Air Compressor Factory Zhangzhou Mining Group Corporation Xinglongzhuang Coal Mine jointly developed a kind of mobile flexible mine explosion-proof miniature The DC air compressor can provide compressed air for various mining pneumatic tools, which effectively solves the problem that the pneumatic tools are affected by the inconvenience caused by no wind source or duct cable in some places in the coal mine. . The main features of the mine explosion-proof micro-DC air compressor are as follows: the power supply of the explosion-proof special-type battery motor car of 51 coal mine is used, which avoids the inconvenience of pulling out and pulling the cable, and can work as long as there is track; the mine explosion-proof DC cut is designed. The electric and voltage stabilizing device can cut off the power supply and automatically stop when the exhaust temperature and exhaust pressure of the air compressor 1 exceed the limit; the double gas storage tank structure increases the stability of the equipment; according to the rotational speed requirements of the DC motor, The direct-coupled elastic coupling is designed to replace the belt transmission, which not only meets the requirements of the speed but also the efficiency; the pneumatic automatic switch is provided with a venting valve, which reduces the load when the motor is restarted. The main technical parameters are exhaust gas volume 0.9 exhaust pressure 0.450.7, safety valve working pressure 0.77, cylinder number 3, cylinder diameter 9, piston stroke 55 supporting power 7.5 DC. According to the provisions of Article 415 of the Coal Mine Safety Regulations, in view of the working mode of the machine is a short-time work system, temperature control! When the temperature set by the controller is 170, 3, 70, the control loop and the main circuit are disconnected; when the temperature is not over temperature, the contact is normally closed. If it is forced to stop when it is in an emergency state, use the self-locking button or the flameproof latch to disconnect the control loop and the main circuit. Experts believe that the air compressor 1 is flexible and reliable, its flow and pressure meet the requirements of various supporting equipment, and the automatic protection devices such as over-temperature and over-pressure are complete, which meets the requirements of the safety regulations of coal 1 mine. The use of this result provides pressure for various pneumatic tools, which can greatly improve the work efficiency and reduce the labor intensity of workers to promote safe production. Li Jianfeng feed

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