Rely on strength! Kumho tire concept tire BON won the 2018 iF Design Award

Recently, the results of the 20th iF Design Award (2018), honored as the "Oscar" in the design sector, were officially released. After considering the design, innovation, environmental protection, functionality, and convenience of the more than 6,400 outstanding products in 54 countries participating in the competition, Kumho Tire's futuristic technology concept tires "BON (Birth On "Nature" won the 2018 iF Design Award for its outstanding design and innovative technology.
Kumho Tire Future Technology Concept Tire "BON" Kumho Tire Future Technology Concept Tire "BON"

The iF Design Award is organized by the Hannover Industrial Design Forum, the oldest industrial design organization in Germany. It has always been adhering to the concept of “independent, rigorous, and reliable”. Germany is a manufacturing country advocating exquisite manufacturing process. Therefore, the iF design award that was born here is extremely demanding in the design and evaluation of the participating products. This year is already the 65th edition of the German iF Design Awards. This award has not only enabled Kumho Tires to successfully bring all three world design awards including the Red Dot Design Award and IDEA Design Award to the bag. It reflects another recognition of Kumho Tire in the world design field. Throughout the international arena, these awards have become a strong proof of the new heights of Kumho Tire Design. Kumho Tire's futuristic concept tire BON (Birth On Nature) has won the approval of many authoritative people in the international design community. This is not good luck, but Kumho Tire Design team has accumulated many years of hard work and accumulated accumulated experience. .

From the product name of "BON (Birth On Nature)" of Kumho Tire's future technology concept tire, "BON" is a solid tire based on the natural skeleton. Its ground plane adopts an irregular Tyson polygon structure like honeycomb, leaves, etc., which ensures good stability and economic efficiency. In the current field of tires, most existing solid tires have a one-way structure, and the weight applied during rotation makes the tires very fragile, while the Tyson polygon structure adopted in the concept tire “BON” makes the tire under all driving conditions. Can withstand high loads and shocks. In addition, tread space segmentation under the Thiessen polygonal structure maximizes the effectiveness while minimizing material use, ensuring structural stability through the use of minimal high-strength materials, and ensuring not only safety compared to existing products. , It also has the effect of reducing the load, thereby effectively improving vehicle fuel consumption. Kumho Tire's futuristic concept tire "BON (Birth On Nature)" can be said to be a combination of practicality, environmental protection, aesthetics and value of the tires.

Kumho Tire Research Division Chief Zheng Zeyi stated that “The acquisition of iF is the result of Kumho Tire’s future design strength and technical strength. Kumho Tire is working hard to study various concept tires for the upcoming future. In the future, we will continue to strengthen our design strength and technical strength. "I believe in the future, Kumho Tire will continue to use its international leading scientific and technological strength and innovation capabilities to bring consumers higher quality tire products and change technology in the future.


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