Roll Forming Press Machine for Transformer Panel Radiator Production Line

Model NO.: RF01
   The Roll Form Press makes oil flutes with 2 outside seams and 2, 4,
or 6 inside seams (depending on the width of the panel) for spot weld
-ing.Each of the main oil flutes has 2 shallow profiled ribs for added panel
strength. This will vary depending on customer profiles.
panel size  230,375,520
   Standard configuration of  the roll form press machine comprises of
 adjustable side guides, a set of feed rolls, and 1 set of form rolls. The
roll forming pressure is provided by hydraulic cylinders which are
controlled to provide even distribution of pressure across the width
of the sheet. The standard form roll profile is compatible with 230, 375,
and 520mm wide panels. As an option, the machine can be equipped
with a second set of form rolls mounted in line for other widths which
require altered profiles such as 300mm, 400mm or other GB standard types.
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