Rolling shutter door usage skills summary

When we use electric rolling shutters, we will always encounter many problems, such as stuck in the middle, can't go down, etc. When we have such problems, do we have the correct operation? The correct operation can effectively maintain and prolong its service life. Hefei Secco explains the operating skills for everyone 1. A reasonable lifting speed can reduce the energy waste and the friction loss of the transmission components, and also help to prolong the service life of the inverter.

2. It is forbidden to walk under the shutter door when it is in operation. It is forbidden to stack articles at the bottom end of the roller shutter door bottom beam.

3, Rolling shutter door curtains and rust-prone parts should be regularly painted and anti-embroidered. It is forbidden to use heavy objects and hard objects to impact the facade.

4. The top of the installation position of the rolling shutter door must have reliable fire protection facilities. When the box or ceiling of the roller shutter door is used as a box or ceiling, a movable cover plate should be installed. In the lower end of the electric roller door machine, 500×500 mm must be reserved. Remove the access hole for easy maintenance.

5, electric shutter doors in the process of opening and closing stop, should have the function of with the stop, there should be no stop and continue to decline, such as the occurrence of a sliding distance greater than 50mm occurs, should immediately shutter door control electrical equipment and door machine Brake Check the repairs carefully and run normally.

6, if the electric shutter door is closed, if it is not easy to open, it is neither convenient nor safe. You can find a piece of strong magnet of appropriate size, and bury it in the door frame at about 1/4 of the height of the door. If the metal is nailed with a piece of iron, it will prevent the stainless steel shutter door from opening.

7. The lock box and handle on the electric roller shutter door easily come into contact with the wall surface to damage the wall and door, affecting the appearance. You can find a piece of rubber about 5 centimeters thick or a thick piece of rubber on a small piece of wood, and pin it in the lower corner of the side of the hinge on the side of the hinge, so that it will not damage the door or the window.

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