·The first China brand car quality forum was held in Chengdu

In the golden autumn season, on the occasion of the 19th Chengdu International Automobile Expo, the first China Brand Automobile Quality Forum was held on September 2nd at the Xinhua News Agency Sichuan Branch. The forum invited more than 20 independent brand car owners and a number of automotive industry experts to share the development of Chinese brand cars in the past 20 years, and explore how to form a joint force, break out, improve the quality of Chinese brand cars, and achieve cost-effectiveness. The change in price ratio has pushed Chinese brand cars to win the global market.
The first China Brand Automotive Quality Forum was hosted by the online car market. The forum attracted senior executives of Chinese brands such as Chery Automobile, Changan Automobile, SAIC Motor, Dongfeng Motor, Beijing Automotive, Jianghuai Automobile, Kairui Automobile, Geely Automobile, Guangzhou Automobile, BYD Auto and Mustang Motor. The forum also received Xinhuanet, Tencent.com, LeTV.com, Sina.com, NetEase, Sohu, Today's headlines, car industry talks, Sichuan TV, Chengdu TV, Chengdu Radio, Huaxi Dushi Bao, Chengdu Commercial Daily, Hong Kong TV and other media and the car market. The elite experts have strong support from media experts.
Zhang Wei, deputy director of the Xinhua News Center, said that this forum is of great significance for reviewing the development history of China's own brand cars, demonstrating the breakthroughs and achievements of independent brand cars, and accelerating the pace of innovation of independent brands. He said that the automobile industry, as an important part of the manufacturing industry, shoulders the heavy responsibility of improving overall national strength, safeguarding national security, and building a world power. Promoting the development of China's own-brand vehicles is an important foundation for revitalizing China's automobile industry. The Xinhua News Center will firmly grasp the opportunity of this forum, listen carefully to the needs of the majority of car companies, give full play to their own advantages, and provide targeted services to their own brand car companies, so as to realize the power of China's cars at an early date. Dreams contribute strength.
Mr. Shi Jianhua, deputy secretary-general of China Association of Automobile Manufacturers, said in his speech that in the first half of this year, the sales of Chinese brand passenger cars was 7,734,500, an increase of 12.78%. In the process of handing over the joint venture brand, the self-owned brand has stepped out from the predicament of '12 consecutive down' and began to 'counterattack'. Chinese brands can play a beautiful turnaround battle, in addition to being inseparable from the advancement of SUVs and MPVs, and more importantly, Chinese brands continue to improve quality and enhance brand image. China's auto market is entering a new phase of slowing growth, and quality will be the focus of competition in the next stage. In the past, Chinese brands put their strategies on low prices and high allocations. This brand image with configuration and price is very fragile. Regardless of how the market's consumer trends change, controlling the quality of products is an important foundation for the steady development of enterprises.
Mr. Xu Wei, the CEO of the online car market of the organizer, said that from the consumer search attention of the online car market data center and the market data of the industry, the purchase of Chinese brand cars is not only because of the patriotism of the boxing, but also the car buyers. The practical choice of maximizing profits: In the past ten years, the market share of Chinese brand cars has increased year by year. In 2015, Chinese brand cars have become one of the best in the Chinese passenger car market. In 2016, Chinese brand cars are entering the era of quality. Mr. Xu Wei said that the first China Brand Automobile Quality Forum will be held to promote the speed, innovation and iteration of Chinese brand cars, and to create the “strongest Chinese car”. It is the belief of Chinese automobile companies, and it is also the enterprise of the automobile industry chain. duty of.
Mr. Mei Songlin, Vice President and Managing Director of JD Power Asia Pacific, said in the theme report of "Chinese Brand's Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow" that Chinese brand cars have made great progress in recent years and are moving from price competition factors. Turn to the competitive advantage of products & quality. Since 2009, the gap between the product charm of independent brands and mainstream car-international brands has shrunk year by year, from 70 points to 32 points in 2015. APEAL's most progressive advancements are body interiors, seats, storage and space, audio/entertainment/navigation systems, engines and shifting systems. At the same time, the allocation rate of independent brands has increased rapidly. There have also been significant improvements in the installation rates of navigation, communications, and security equipment. In terms of the initial quality of products, from 2003 to 2015, the gap between self-owned brands and international brands (mainstream cars) has shrunk tenfold. However, in Mei Songlin, the murmur/noisy sound is the most prominent problem of the independent brand, and it is also an important direction for future improvement.
In today's forum, the guests are also from the quality level - the "lifeline" of the Chinese brand collectively, the brand is up - how Chinese brands win the middle and high-end automobile market, how do Chinese brand cars form synergies and break out, how do Chinese brand cars The four levels of price change and price/price ratio have been discussed in depth.
This year marks the 80th anniversary of the victory of the Long March. On September 9th, some Chinese brand car companies participating in the forum will form the “Best Chinese Car” team. The brand cars that are produced and operated by the driver will start from Jiangxi Ruijin and arrive in Yan’an. They will go to Changzheng Road and pay tribute to history. At the same time witness the latest look and strength of Chinese brand cars.

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