The solidification project of the 100-ton gantry crane platform of Danang Shipyard

After the installation of 100 tons of gantry cranes from China Shipping Industry Dagang Shipyard, the ship's cement curing project has been fully launched.
The 100-ton gantry crane is one of the six lifting equipment that Zhonghai Industry transferred from Zhonghai Industry (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd. to the Danang Shipyard through a paid method. At the end of 2012, three cranes, 20 tons, 10 tons and 5 tons, were installed and put into use. The repair, installation and commissioning of the other two-seat 15-ton cranes are underway.
The installation of the 100-ton gantry crane will be in place, which will provide a solid hardware guarantee for the shipbreaking production of the Danang Shipyard and the development of the non-renovation project industry and the improvement of the shipbuilding qualification level.

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