·The tractor has increased by more than 100%. The heavy truck logistics vehicle market has a breakthrough.

At the 2015 China (Baotou) Truck Culture Festival held recently, China National Heavy Duty Truck's 9 heavy trucks and light trucks collectively unveiled at the Baotou Olympic Sports Center. Its main product, the T7H440 tractor, was also seized at the event site. Heart" and made it unhesitating to sign an order for 8 cars.
"So far this year, China National Heavy Duty Truck has sold more than 200 tractors in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, an increase of more than 100% (less than 100 vehicles in the same period last year). Today, the delivery of these eight T7H440 tractors will undoubtedly help heavy truck logistics. The car has reached a new level in Baotou and Inner Mongolia market.” Jin Tao, manager of Hohhot Branch of China National Heavy Duty Truck Group, told the first commercial vehicle network reporter.
According to Jin Tao, the logistics market in Inner Mongolia is currently quite different. The traditional resource transportation market characterized by coal transportation has experienced a serious decline this year. The coal mines in Erdos, Wuhai, Xilin Gol League and Hulunbeier are generally operating. Less than 30%, the coal mine shutdown rate in some areas reached 80%. Affected by this, the shutdown rate of a large number of coal transport vehicles in Inner Mongolia exceeded 70%, and the freight rate also fell and fell. "For example, in the first two years of coal transportation with a freight rate of 1.1 yuan per kilometer, now 9 cents are rushing to pull. The previous 100-kilometer freight rate from Baotou to Yinchuan is 130 yuan, now only 90 yuan. Inner Mongolia traditional The bleakness of the resource transportation market is evident."
The ancients said that despite the sharp decline in the traditional advantage market, the heavy truck dump trucks fell 70% in Inner Mongolia (only more than 200 cars were sold in the first half of this year), but heavy truck tractors have been this year. In the Inner Mongolia region, it has been a big gain, and its market share has increased rapidly. “Especially in the field of cold chain logistics and transportation, the MAN platform tractor represented by T7H is very popular. The T7H Man Technology Engine and the Man Technology Chassis bring high transportation efficiency and low fuel consumption cost to customers, which makes us The returning customers and old customers introduced a lot of new customers.” Jin Tao said that because the two major milk producers in Inner Mongolia, Mengniu and Yili Group, are mainly engaged in the fresh milk transportation business, the high-end transportation around the medium and long-distance cold chain transportation. The logistics business has developed steadily, but the competition is fierce. This has prompted many fleets and self-employed households to replace trucks of high quality and higher transportation efficiency in recent years in order to continuously enhance their competitiveness and avoid being eliminated by the market.
In addition, some users who have fixed sources of supply and run coal transportation to some large power plants have also begun to purchase heavy trucks. "For example, Mr. Cao, who bought 8 T7H4406×2 tractors this time, the purpose of buying a car is to transport coal. His supply is relatively stable. The purchase of grades and higher quality T7H is also to improve transportation efficiency and further enhance its business. Competitiveness.” Zhang Chong, manager of the brand of Haowo, Hohhot Branch of China National Heavy Duty Truck Group.
The first commercial vehicle network learned that the heavy growth of heavy truck tractors in Inner Mongolia is also highly consistent with its performance throughout the country. According to the latest production and sales data of China Automobile Association, the domestic semi-trailer tractor market sold 126,977 vehicles in the first half of this year, down 9.6% year-on-year; China National Heavy Duty Truck Group's tractors sold 22,472 vehicles, a year-on-year increase of 77%, ranking first in the industry. The sales ranking jumped to the second place in the industry. The heavy-duty truck tractor featuring the domestically-made Man platform technology is still expected to perform in the future.

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