These auto insurance bought equal to white buy! Don't waste money!

After many small white owners bought new vehicles, they purchased a lot of vehicle insurance in one go, and considered it a safe expression. It is true that auto insurance is the most basic guarantee for vehicles on the road. A suitable insurance for yourself can reduce the economic burden. It can face various kinds of insurance. What is it completely unnecessary to buy? Today, the master came to give everyone a look at these car insurance. In fact, when buying a car, it is almost completely unnecessary to buy it.

Scratch insurance

As the name suggests, scratch insurance refers to the fact that during the insurance period, the paint on the surface of the body of an insured vehicle that has no obvious collision marks is scratched separately, and the insurance company is responsible for compensation according to actual losses. The reason why it is not necessary to purchase is very simple. There are 400 premiums for scratch insurance in 2000 and 800 insured amount, and the number of trips directly determines the premium for the second year. What do you think? But with scratches, you can't afford to repair it. Virgo can't stand it! Simple, the scratches will become scratches, direct car damage insurance is OK, and does not hurt the shallow traces of the primer can be resolved through the beauty of coarse wax polishing, generally to wash the car with someone's hand to give you get.

2. Self-ignition

For the first-hand new car, the purchase of this insurance is a duplicate insurance, because if the new car within the warranty period spontaneously burns, the manufacturer shall be solely responsible for it! But if you burn your own engine and make it spontaneous, it's no use even if you buy it!

3. Seat insurance

Seat insurance refers to the occurrence of an accident on an insurance vehicle, which causes the driver or passengers in the vehicle to be injured or killed. The insurance company will pay compensation for treatment fees or accidents. That is, we often say that the on-board personnel liability insurance is a kind of insurance that is designed to protect passengers (including drivers) on board. If you don't often run long distances, this is really not necessary.

4 wading insurance


This type of insurance is mainly to ensure that the vehicle can be compensated for damage to the engine after wading on flooded roads or being flooded. However, if the owner of the vehicle is forced to start the engine after flooding and causes damage, the insurance company will not compensate! In fact, as long as the rainy season is prone to stagnation, do not risk passing, than anything else.

5. Glass breakage insurance

We all know that insurance companies are good at word games. This is an example. It is really too small to break glass every day. As long as you don’t put valuables in your car, who will be busy with your glass? Unless you have no parking space, stop randomly on the street!

6. Theft and rescue

Today's cars basically have an engine anti-theft lock system. The car key contains an electronic chip. Each chip has a fixed ID. Only when the ID of the key chip is the same as the one on the engine side, the car can start. If it does not match, the car will automatically cut off the circuit immediately, making the engine unable to start. Therefore, as long as the key is properly managed, the possibility of vehicle theft is minimal.

Bending Shearing Machine

Bending Shearing Forming Machine can make the steel plate in a different angle.

It is mainly used for construction, such as steel structures, airports, storehouses,etc.

The bending machine has simple structure, flexible operation and easy maintenance. 

It is suitable for linear shearing steel plate.

By PLC operation, single or continuous shearing can be executed at high shearing frequency.

Hydraulic station equipped with rectangular blade.

Extend the operation life of blade.Environmental protection, energy saving.

Technique parameters

(1) Processing material: aluminum/galvanized steel/colored steel coil

(2) Material thickness:0.3- 2mm

(3) Product size:4600*1500*2200mm

(4) Main motor power: 3kw

(5) Pump power:3kw

 (6) Main frame: H Steel

  (7)Material of the cutting blade:Cr12

 (8) Control system: PLC computer control  

 (9) Power supply: 380V, 3 Phase, 50Hz (can change as customers request)


Components of line

1.Decoiler                      1 unit

2.Main Frame                1 unit

3.Cutting Device              1 unit

4.Hydraulic Station           1 unit

5.PLC control system         1 unit

Bending Shearing Machine

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