What causes murmurs when working on suction truck vacuum pumps?

When people usually use the suction truck vacuum pump to work and work, there will be some noise and noise. This phenomenon is enough to explain that the suction pump vacuum pump is not normal during the operation, even if the internal components have abnormal conditions. Therefore, this failure problem indicates that the suction truck vacuum pump is currently in an unhealthy state. Therefore, it is necessary to first troubleshoot the system and locate the system. Then how to troubleshoot and locate the problem in the end, then let the relevant experts and responsible persons to analyze how to trouble the noise of the suction truck vacuum pump noise.


First of all, the first thing to look at is how tight the triangle belt is. Because you must know that if the V-belt is too loose, then this situation will easily lead to the suction pump vacuum pump speed is not high enough. So, the state of vacuuming is not in place. Therefore, at this time, the first thing to consider is whether the position of the pulley is too low. Therefore, it is necessary to make full adjustments and changes.

The next step is to perform a comprehensive inspection and investigation of whether the screws of different architectures of the suction truck vacuum pump have loosened in the end. Because, if the screws are loose, there will be a lot of noise at this time. It is therefore necessary to tighten and replace loose screws that are loose due to high vibrations.

It should be noted that the internal cavity structure of the suction pump vacuum pump is very critical and does not allow for half foreign matter. So if there are any impurities, even if there is too much dust and rust enters the inner container of the suction truck vacuum pump, then at this time, the internal space needs to be thoroughly cleaned and cleaned, which is the key. And it is also a fundamental reason for eliminating noise. Next, there is a potential factor that causes noise or noise in the suction truck vacuum pump during operation. Then, at this time, it is whether or not the rotating plate has any wear or even broken. If this is the case, first consider rotating the end of the rotor, because it is important to know that the rotor and rotor are also a critical system architecture for the suction truck vacuum pump.

There is also a potential problem. Many people often overlook the use of suction truck vacuum pumps and do not pay enough attention. Then suction pump vacuum pump is often in the process of high-speed operation, the oil temperature is very high, so this indirectly leads to the transfer of temperature. In this case, because of the specific heat capacity, the temperature of the vacuum pump of the suction truck is very high. If the temperature is high, the ventilation ventilation and the supply of gas must be considered first. At this time, whether the oil supply system and the oil system are unimpeded is also crucial. Of course, if the oil temperature is too low, then this time when working in some areas where the temperature is very cold, it will also cause the solidification of the oil pipeline, as well as not smooth. So at this time, you need to use cold lubricants.

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