What should you pay attention to when working on the crusher?

To note the following while working for the protection of safe operation, gyratory crusher equipment.

(1) Before starting, check the lubrication system, the crushing area of ​​the gyratory crusher, and correct the tension of the belt. All screws should be tightened.

(2) After starting the oil pump motor for 5-10 minutes, check the working condition of the lubrication system. After the normal operation, the main motor can be started.

(3) The crusher can only start feeding after 1-2 minutes of empty load operation. Since the gyratory crusher is packed with ore, it is necessary to pay attention to whether the ore supply is normal, especially the ore containing more mud and high moisture, and it is necessary to prevent the ore from being blocked to the mine. Attention should also be paid to checking the ore discharge during operation, and it is not allowed to accumulate ore in the space below the sealing device.

(4) When the normal parking is stopped, the ore should be stopped first. After the ore in the crusher is completely removed, the main motor can be stopped, and finally the oil pump motor is stopped. After parking, it is necessary to thoroughly inspect all parts of the crusher and find problems in a timely manner.

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