What to do if you don’t drive for a long time

Nowadays, many people are busy with business and time is tight, but there is always a time when they can buy a car. For example, if you want to go on holiday, or if someone needs to go abroad, it will take a few months to go. In this case, the car will not be used for a few months. However, if the car has been parked for a long time , there will be damage. Then everyone has to ask the Xiaobian what to do. Xiaobian gives you a summary of what to do if you don’t drive for a long time .


1. You need to clean your car before you go. Otherwise, the dust and rain stains on the car will corrode your car paint and fill the place where you want to refuel.

2, the tire pressure must be adjusted, generally jump to the appropriate tire pressure can be, not too high. Moreover, the vehicle should be moved a few centimeters every other week to prevent the tire from being deformed by a fixed position, which causes the radiation wire of the part to be deformed. But if there is no way, you can only put it here, but there may be spots in the tire.

3, try not to leave the fuel tank in the 1/4 position (you can see the oil meter).

4, the battery line 拽 next, is the negative, cover the car with a car.

5, long-term parking, after returning should check the oil of the whole car, including: oil, brake oil, antifreeze, etc., these oils not only have to check a lot, but also have to see them have not had a shelf life. If the shelf life is too low or the oil is too small, there will be safety hazards in the vehicle.

6. If you have the conditions, put the four wheels up and add a cover.

7. Take out the cotton and linen products in the car to prevent moisture and mildew caused by water absorption.

8. The exhaust pipe is plugged with a broken towel. I am afraid that the mouse will climb in, the wiper will be removed, and the toy will not move.

9. Always keep ventilation in the garage where the vehicle is parked. The surface of the rust and the surface of the machine should be coated with oil, grease or wrapped with oil paper.

10. Park the car on a straight road and return it in the right direction.

11, long-term parking must pay attention not to place valuables and food and beverages in the car.

12. If the car is not used for a long time, entrust the family to start the engine once a month to check the operation of the engine. If there is an abnormal phenomenon, it needs to be adjusted and repaired in time.

13. Remove flammable, explosive or perishable items from the outside of the car, close the doors and windows, front cover and other boxes.

14. The gasoline fuel tank should be tightly sealed and the temperature should not be too high. The storage time of the gasoline should not be too long.

15. Cut off all power in the car, paying special attention to whether the plug on the cigarette lighter is connected to the appliance.

16. If you want to put the car outside, consider the waterproof car cover. This will help keep the car clean and dry.

17. Please make sure to clean the wheels and fenders to get rid of the lower abdomen of mud, grease or tar. Additional protection, a layer of wax for the car.


The next time you need to travel far, you must give the car a protective job. Otherwise, the car will always be in a state that will not only harm the tires, but also damage the car's paint and internal parts. If you don’t need to drive for a long time, do you have to learn it? Don't come back and find that your car is already riddled with holes. When you need to use a car, you must first check the car and the necessary maintenance, which will lengthen the life of your car.

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